Kiss and Ride – Volunteer Sign-Up

Kiss & Ride 2019/2020 Signup is live! Click HERE to volunteer!

Thank you so much for volunteering to help with the 2019/20 morning drop-off process. Please make sure you sign up to fill in those volunteer spots – we need people every morning!

PLEASE remember to follow the rules when using the Kiss and Ride lane! We need you to help keep our students safe.

Kiss and Ride Procedures
• Parking is absolutely NOT PERMITTED in the Kiss and Ride lane before or during school drop off hours (8-9:30am). Vehicles parked in this area WILL BE TICKETED & TOWED.
• Student Drop Off is between 8:40 and 9:05 Monday through Friday. Volunteers will be available during this time to assist students out of vehicles and escort them into the school.
• Kiss and Ride lane access will ONLY be allowed either turning right (southbound) from Strawberry onto Hanover or coming straight through the Hanover/Strawberry intersection. Northbound Strawberry Street vehicles will NOT be able to turn left into the Kiss and Ride lane!!
• Vehicles in the Kiss and Ride lane must pull up to the sign-posted DROP OFF ZONE (or as far forward as possible) to drop off children. Volunteers will direct you to this zone and will assist your child out of the vehicle and into the school. Please be sure your children are ready to leave the vehicle quickly upon entering the Kiss and Ride lane.
• Parents/carpool drivers will NOT be allowed to park or stop in this lane and are not allowed to leave their vehicles! Please stay alert and pay attention to volunteer direction.
• There will be NO STOPPING to watch children get into the school.
• Upon leaving the DROP OFF ZONE, you will be directed and merged into oncoming Hanover Street traffic. Please pay close attention to oncoming vehicles and pay special attention to pedestrians at the Hanover/Stafford intersection.