2013-2014 PTA Budget Recommendations

Dear Fox Family,

Thank you again to everyone who submitted a budget request this year, and thanks to the budget committee (Andrew Town, Christine Longfield, Daniela Jacobs – Fox Principal, Katie Baron – teacher rep, Laura Brady, Meg Stott, and Ted Theofanos) for the long hours they put in discussing and prioritizing our PTA’s spending for the coming year!

The budget committee received over $200K in requests and discussed the proposals in detail before deciding which ones to recommend for funding. In the end, the committee recommended maintaining the PTA’s commitment to the Language Arts tutoring program (which includes the K – 1st grade Discovery Room and 2 – 3rd grade Howard Street program) and using the remaining funds to provide a wide variety of community, enrichment, and classroom support programs that will enhance the lives of all of our students.

In addition to the annual operating budget, the committee recommends funding several longer-term investments. The most significant of these is $31K to replace most of the teachers’ laptops. Most of our teachers’ laptops are at least seven years old and cannot support more recent software. Many RPS schools use Title I funds to replace equipment but Fox does not qualify for this program because it is based on the percentage of students receiving free or reduced lunches.

The PTA raised fewer funds last year than the previous one, but the overall distribution of the recommended spending for this year is similar to last year’s allocations. The longer-term investments would be funded through the PTA’s reserves. Descriptions of the categories and details of the proposed programs can be downloaded here.

2012 – 2013

Annual Expenses

Community: $23.0, 20%
Enrichment: $21.6, 19%
PTA Expenses: $3.0, 3%
Remediation: $43.8, 38%
Teacher/Classroom Support: $24.7, 21%
Annual Expenses: $116.1


Leveled Reader: $7.0
PTA Website: $5.0
Solar Trash Cans: $4.0
Teacher Laptops: $0.0
Salad Bar: $0.0

Total Budget: $132.1

2013 – 2014

Annual Expenses

Community: $17.7, 18%
Enrichment: $18.9, 20%
PTA Expenses: $1.9, 2%
Remediation: $39.7, 41%
Teacher/Classroom Support: $17.6, 18%
Annual Expenses: $95.7


Leveled Reader: $7.0
PTA Website: $0.0
Solar Trash Cans $0.0
Teacher Laptops: $30.5
Salad Bar: $2.6

Total Budge: $135.8

The PTA board approved the committee’s recommendations and the membership will have final approval at Back-to-School night on September 11th. The new budget will become effective on October 1st.

If you have any questions or comments about the proposed budget, please e-mail the committee at budget@williamfoxelementary.org Please respect all of the members of our Fox community by not posting comments or questions on Facebook.

See you all soon!

Christina Murray

Learn more about the different programs here.