Calling for 2014-2015 Budget Proposals

Do you have a great idea for Fox?  Now is the time to ask for funding for the upcoming school year.  Proposal requests will be accepted until end-of-day, June 30th.  Read through the Fox PTA Budget Request Form for more details.

We ask everyone to direct all questions, comments, and proposal submissions to the budget committee at

Interested in joining the Budget Committee?

We’d love your help!  The time involvement is not great, and it’s a great way to become more involved at school.  Budget committee members will receive a group of proposals to review in early July.  The budget committee will meet as a group in late July or early August to review all of the requests and develop a proposed budget.  The committee will then meet with the PTA board in mid-August to present its recommendations and finalize the budget.  If you would like to be involved, please contact Laura Brady ( or Andrew Town (

Please respect our Fox family by not posting comments and questions to Facebook.