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PTA Bylaws

Final Bylaws for 2017

Academic Links

Students may find what they need for class projects or may just want to do some browsing of the following sites. Look for more links in the future.

Cafeteria Information

In addition to a daily breakfast that is served free of charge, nutritious lunches are available for purchase every day. Follow this link to view the Fox Elementary cafeteria menu.

SOL Resources

Welcome to the Virginia State Standards of Learning Practice Tests! All of the questions on this site come from the 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 Standards of Learning tests. Math and science online tests. Scroll to bottom of page to find online practice tests.

Study Activities Created with Released Items from the Virginia Department of Education

Virginia SOLs: The official site of the SOLs. Links to many, many sites that offer resources for students of each grade level.

Earth Science

Scott Johnson’s lessons in earth science. Geared towards 5th grade science – might be interesting for younger students as well.

USGS web site Great resource.

Volcano World: What needs to be said?

Rock Hounds: Animated demonstrations of how rocks are formed.

Sheree Shaw’s geology web page. This was created for an Elementary School in Hopewell and contains many links as well as online quizzes.

Erosion: This is intended for 6th grade, but may be of interest to 5th graders as well.

Erosion and Weathering: Brief definitions for 5th grade.

Earth Science Lessons


Mathleague – Did your child forget to bring home the math book and can’t remember the formula for the area of a trapezoid? On the bottom right of the homepage, click on the “Help Facility for Grades 4-8” and you will probably find your answers.

Mathworld – this defines and illustrates math concepts of all levels. Best feature is searchable database. If you can’t remember what a rhombic hexecontahedron is, you can find out here.

Social Studies

Black History Month Resources

Colonial Williamsburg’s site: Richmond City belongs to this; with a password, students can get view video clips from the Electronic Field Trips and do activities. Other areas of the site do not need passwords.

Jamestown Online Adventure